It is a procedure in which it is certified and validated that a trade, act or license has been issued by a competent authority in another territory. With this, the apostilled document can enjoy legal certainty in any country that is a member of the Hague Convention.

What documents can I Apostille?

It is possible to apostille any document issued by a public entity. For example, you can do it with your birth certificate, marriage certificate, or your university study certificates. It is necessary that these are registered in the public book of the authorities so that they can be legally recognized in other countries.

You can also make a general or special power of attorney for any procedure that you need to carry out in your country.

If the document is written in English or Spanish, we will help you translate it into English to Spanish or vice versa, so that it is valid in your country.

When do I have to Apostille?

It will be necessary for you to apostille your documents in case you carry out a procedure abroad. This certification will only serve you in those countries that integrate the Hague Convention.

What is it for?

By apostilling your certifications, powers or authorizations, they will enjoy a presumption of legality in any country in which you use them. When you enter a procedure abroad, you will have no obstacles for them to recognize the validity of the documents of North American origin that you present.

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